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Joining TYPBC offers many benefits. The club has a number of sailing groups (see below), has racing and cruising divisions and even a Camper Van division (Dry Feet). Based at the tip of Sulphur Point the club has what must be the best view in Tauranga and you as a member get to enjoy this on Friday Club nights, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Racing days.

Membership also offers the following discounts at various businesses around Tauranga, including the opportunity to have a Bunnings Card offering Trade prices.

Senior (Adult) Membership $120 Per season:

Senior membership at TYPBC provides access to our Keeler, Trailer Yacht, Multihull, Women on Water (WOW) and Centreboard racing, Trailer Yacht cruising, outdoor boat storage options, fun sails, club evenings, club events, entry into NZ regattas, reciprocal membership to other yacht clubs in NZ and around the world, and to the Tauranga Citz Club (13th Ave).

If you are over 18 years old, no longer at school or in Tertiary Education Senior membership is for you.

Wednesday night racing (October to April) is a highly competitive club racing evening offering four Keeler divisions and a Multihull group mainly racing Tornados. During the winter a fortnightly programme is run on a Sunday afternoon.

WOW on water runs every second Thursday from October to March offering a training division for those who have never sailed before and a racing division for the more experienced.

Sunday sees our Centreboard division racing with a strong adult fleet of Zephyr sailors racing alongside Lasers, Moths and 470's.

Trailer Sailors head off on cruises each week and we also have a weekend open water racing competion both full crew and short handed.

Discounts are also available at various marine related providers.

Access to discounted Patrol Boat, First Aid and Marine radio courses.

Family Membership $160 per season:

This membership gives you and your family (partner and children under 18) access to events, classes, club nights, courses and reciprocal rights to other yacht clubs and the Tauranga Citizens Club as listed in the other membership categories listed.

Junior $60 until 21 years old:

We offer a special rate for youngsters who are in their first year with the club, which moves to a youth rate in year two.

These memberships offer the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the TYPBC Sailing School at a discounted rate.
  • Participate in club racing on Sunday afternoons from October through to April 
  • Join Keeler Wednesday night racing as a crew member
  • Participate Adventure Sails run by TYPBC.
  • Attend Regattas around New Zealand and overseas 
  • Compete/participate in Yachting New Zealand programmes/teams.
  • Offers reciprical rights to other yachts clubs both in NZ and overseas.
  • Discounts at various marine related businesses
  • Access to discounted Patrol Boat, First Aid and Marine radio courses.

Social Membership $55 or $80 for Social family:

No longer sailing but still want to be a member and enjoy the benefits of TYPBC, this is the category for you. You can have a single or family social membership where you and your partner are both members of TYPBC.

Seniors (Gold) Membership $110 or Gold Family $150:

Over that magical age when the Government funds your lifestyle. TYPBC offers both Family and Individual Seniors (Gold) membership.

You can still sail so enjoy all the benefits of our membership but at a special rate.

Monday morning at 10am see the Old Boys group meeting at TYPBC to spin some yarns, drink a cup of tea and enjoy each other’s company.

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