About Our Sailing School

Here at Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, we aim to make being on the water fun, enjoyable and accessible to all. Located at the end of Sulphur Point we provide a range of sailing and windsurfing courses for all ages and abilities. The stunning views and gentle sea breeze of Tauranga Harbour creates the best possible environment to learn to sail.

‚ÄčOur YNZ and RYA qualified instructors follow the basic skills syllabus provided by Yachting New Zealand with excellent sailing equipment.

TYPBC has a fleet of plastic Optimist which they use to teach Level 1 to 3 youth students in. Once a young sailor passes through these three levels they will need to look at purchasing their own boat. To help with this a sister organsiation, Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy (BoPSAT), have purchased some Optimists and O'Pen Skiffs (fomerly Open Bics) that can be leased so that the young sailor is sure they want to continue sailing (racing) before their parents commit to purchasing a boat.

For Adult LTS the club has a fleet of Topaz's that are more suitable for adults, again meaning that a new adult sailor does not have to purchase a boat in order to learn the basics of sailing.

The club will also help when it comes to purchasing a boat, with advice as to what to look for and what sort of boat would be best. Just ask.

Meet our Coaches 

We are very lucky to have some great qualified and experienced coaches here at the TYPBC. These coaches look after our Adults and Kids with the Sailing School Programs. If you see them around the club be sure to say Hello. They are a wonderful friendly bunch. 

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