Adult - Dinghy Learn to Sail Level 1 and 2
Adult Learn to Sail

This course is for adults who want to learn to sail a dinghy-sized yacht where they are the only person on the boat. 

The course runs for five weeks and takes place either on a weekday evening or on a Saturday or Sunday. Each session is 3 hours long.

Learn to Sail – Small Dinghy

In this class, we learn to sail 1-person Topaz Topper dinghies – similar to the Laser class which is sailed competitively in the Olympics. There is a small amount of athleticism required since these boats require you to be moving across them (about 1 meter across) and you should expect to get wet as they are very low to the water. We’ll be focusing on small boat handling skills, such as executing clean tacks, gybes, mark roundings, and how to capsize and right a boat. This course is well suited if you are interested in sailing small centreboard boats or learning to race small boats like the Laser, Zephyr, 470. No experience is necessary.

Learn to Sail - Small Dinghy Level 2

This class is a continuation from a previous course where we sailed the Topaz Toppers. Having learned the basics, we will now go over more advanced sailing techniques and learn how to navigate the harbour or learn the rules of sailboat racing. Suitable if you have sailed before and are looking to fine-tune your skills or learning how to race.

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