Information About Our Learn to Sail Courses
Level 0 - Intro To Sailing

This first level of our Learn To Sail Program is based around fun and adventure. We aim to get the kids having a good time and building confidence in the boats and on the water. 

For this course we mainly sail in the Omega or Topaz yachts, so the kids are in a boat with other people. 

This course runs at a smaller duration than the rest of our Learn To Sail Courses as any esy introduction for the children who want to take it a little slower.

Available for 7 - 15y/o's

Level 1 - Sart Sailing

This course is set up to teach kids the basics of sailing. This is our typical start to the Learn To Sail Program. There will be lots of fun and plenty of adventures in the yachts. Some of the sailing will be done in the Topez and Omega yachts to help build knowledge and confidence while sailing with others, however most of the sailing will be in the Optimists. This allows the children to really focus and learn for themselves, while having the confidence of the coaches there by them in the ribs at all times. 

Available for 8 - 15 y/o's

Level 2 - Sailing Faster

This course is a progression from the Level 1 - Satart Sailing course. In this level, the children will learn to sail confidently on thier own. The sailing for this level is focused mainly in the optimists. 

Available for 8 - 15 y/o's

Level 3 - Learn To Race

This is an exciting level for the children once they move on from Level 2 - Sailing Faster. This course is based around learning the basics of how to navigate a race course. This inculdes how to start, learning start procedures, and navigating around a race course. 

Available for 8 - 15 y/o's

Green Fleet

The Green Fleet is about Racing. These are children who are wanting to get into club racing and possibly doing some regattas. This course will build confidence and knowledge on the race course. 

For Green Fleet you will need to provide your own boat. We are happy to help with advice on which boat to purchase, or we can help you out with boats to hire.

Green Fleet children are also welcome to come along and sail at the club sailing days on Sundays. We love to get them involved and we will have a coach availble to look after them on the race course. For this you will need to become a member. We do have great rates for the kids so please ask Lynne in the office about this. 

Available for 8 - 15 y/o's

Open Coaching

Open Coaching is for children who are currently racing but would like to fine tune their skills. For this level the children provide their own boats, and we can cater for may different yacht classes. 

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