Karewa Race 18 October

20 Oct

We had a great sail on Sunday.  6 Boats had a clean start under the control of Richard McNielly. (Thank You Richard!!)

Kohara lead to the entrance doing 9 knots across the ground including 4 knots of tide!!! and then sailed off into oblivion as Truxton took the lead on the beat to A Bouy from Voodoo Lounge and Nauti Monster.  La Rochelle was next as we cracked sheets and laid through to Karewa. Not much work for the foredeck as we slipped out to the corner.  Shy Kites/gennakers were the order for the skate home in winds gusting all the way to 8 knots at times, but hanging in around 5 to 6...  Rascal Tom was the last boat around Karewa but close enough to wave to the fleet.  The tide had turned as we came back in the entrance so the apparent dropped as the current helped to drag us to the finish.  Truxton was first home from Kohara, Voodoo, Nauti Monster, then La Rochelle and Rascal Tom.

Peter Decke is away but has sent the results through.  On corrected time the result is Nauti Monster, Rascal Tom, Kohara, Voodoo, La Rochelle then Truxton.

Cheers Gary Smith

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