Trailer Yachting

Sailing instructions

The Trailer Yacht Division is the smallest in the Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club and is run by an enthusiastic group of dedicated sailors. Trailer yachting is generally regarded as the budget end of sailing, some trailer Yachts can be bought for as little as $3000-$5000. Of course, as with all forms of yachting, the sky’s the limit. 

Trailer Yacht Cruising:

The division has an extensive cruising program for those who enjoy relaxed day sailing or weekend cruises.

TYPBC caters for trailer yachts with a dedicated TRAILER  YACHT  CRUISING  DIVISION. We have a wide variety of cruises - day trips up the Tauranga Harbour as well as overnight trips to places such as Taupiro, Bowentown, Blue Gum Bay, Hunters Creek. There is even a night sail and, an around Matakana Island trip this season.
   The great advantage of this division is that your time on the water can be in the company of other trailer yachts and talking to others is the best way to build your sailing knowledge. Members are always willing to help each other out and invite others to participate in other cruises - for example a February trip up to the Mercury Islands scheduled for this season.
   We cater for trailer yachts from 17 ft to 26 ft. The yacht parking by the yacht club ( you can keep your mast up with mainsail on! ) can also be made available to members ho sail regularly.

Trailer Yacht contact details:

Geoff Hambling: Chairperson: 576 6169  or 027 370 7604

Doug Elliot: Boat Storage contact person:  027 4965 343

Bevan Grant: Cruising Contact Person: 021 143 7501

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