Sailing School

Youth Programmes:

Our Learn to Sail youth programmes operate Term 1 and Term 4 of the school terms. The courses are 10 week programme with each session 3 hours long.

Start Sailing - Level 1 -  Beginners - you can choose a Saturday morning or afternoon, or a Monday aftershcool or attend a week long school holiday Program

Sail Faster - Level 2 - next step Saturday morning or Monday after school

Learn To Race - Level 3 - Sunday morning

Green Fleet - Readying for racing either in Optimists or O'pen Skiff

Race Fleet - Opti, O'pen Skiff, Starling, P Class, Laser all make up our race fleet and train on different evenings after school

Windsurfing Programmes:

Windsurfing also takes place on an evening after school and has beginners through to a Race Fleet

Adult Programmes:

Level 1 - Adult Beginner. This 5 week programme takes place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, with a week night also available should the demand be there.

Level 2 - next step also takes place on a Saturday morning

Sailors from these courses then join Keeler or Multi hull racing on a Wednesday afternoon, Women on Water (Thursday afternoon) or Dinghy (Laser, Zephyr, Europe as examples) racing on a Sunday afternoon.

Schools Team Racing:

Schools team racing coaching is offered to secondary school students who's school participates in the Secondary Schools Team Racing programme. This exciting racing pits schools (teams of 6 in 3 boats) against each other in 2 man 420 yachts.

School Programmes:

TYPBC Sailing School also offers programmes to schools week days during term time. These programmes will be custom designed to suit your schools needs with a maximum of 24 children at each session. Examples of what can be offered are: learn to sail, learn to windsurf, Harbour experience in one of our patrol boats, full day, half day (tasters), full or part week, 1 day (or half day) per week for 5 - 10 weeks.

Contact Head LTS Coach Lorenz at with any questions.

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