Keeler Weekly Roundup 14th October Race 3

15 Oct

What a start to the season with a mix of everything weather wise and some good testing races we've had some great sailing. Gary checked the bottom of the harbour was still there on the first of Burton Sails Summer Series, we all got well tested in last week's race with 20-35kn which was great fun and then an excellent night on the water last night. Chuck into the mix a slow Mayor Is Race won by Grunty Chicken that took 6-7 hours to go 20nm with a great ride home and then on Saturday we had the first of the short handed races with 20-25 knots. The conditions weren't going to suit all, with Nauti Monster to Avion the big breeze created some challenges. Avion toughed up and cleaned out with an excellent outing. Great to see Loren with his stylish Marten 49 out there. For the start of the season If it hasn't been your race one week simply wait a week and it could easily be your turn. It's been an interesting beginning with a variety of conditions, a variety of winners on a variety of races and a variety of incidents. From groundings to unfortunate crashes it's been all on. Chuck on top of all that we've got "special" prizes for Wednesday night winners thanks to Sabre Construction! The season has definitely begun!
Mark FindlayTYPBC Keeler Chair0275770219

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