My Dad's story by Lynne Whitaker

22 Dec

My dad Frank Robinson and his younger brother Allan were members of TYPBC from 1936 to 1943ish, when they shifted up to a farm in Oropi from their Devonport Road house. Dad's father Harry and his brother Fred were butchers and were the Co. part of Hynds & Co butchers (Uncle Fred later had a butchers up the top of Waihi Rioad where the fish & chips shop is now).

Some of dads memories:

Dad's father bought him and Allan boats; Dad's was called Olive, it was T3 and built by Mr T Sneddon. He thinks it was the first Pclass with cockpit bulkheads built in so that on capsizing all water went out as yacht righted.

His brother Allans was bought (he thinks) from the Ronaynes and was called Haere Ra T7

The first time Dad sailed the 'other boys' said just push the boat out and just sail out there. He proceeded to sail out only to suffer the inevitable dunking (since he didn't know what he was doing). Not knowing what to do next he then started swimming his boat back to shore. The boys on shore were gesticulating to him which he interpreted to mean continue swimming the boat to shore. On arriving at the bank they laughingly told him they were actually telling him to right the boat and sail back. Learning to sail then was a matter of trial and error. Despite this introduction dad loved his sailing and I think had they not moved to the farm would have loved to keep sailing. It also inspired him to join the Navy where he stayed for 6 years until he met Mum.


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